Hemingway Apparel was founded as a cutting and sewing Contractor to the apparel industry in 1978. The building and its employees, however, go back to the early 60's when it was built by, what was then known as Warner Brothers, a foundations company producing bras, skirts, and panties. Today many of you know this company by its new name, Warnaco. The Company was later sold to a conglomerate who had a division called Misty Lingerie. Then in 1978 they decided to close the business and so a group of men, lead by Jack L. Marsh, proposed to purchase the business. The purchase was successful and Hemingway Apparel was formed. During this transition the employees never missed a day of work. Since 1978, where our main focus was lingerie, we diversified into many product categories. Currently we are producing and manufacturing t-shirts, panties, and outerwear.

Although it has been a difficult task for Hemingway Apparel to remain a viable business, especially in todays market, the Company continues to press forward. The secret to its success has not been the excellent leadership found within the Company, but rather our Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, who has chosen to keep us here.